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As for me, I have no objection.

The little boy was ecstatic.

Mathematics is an interesting subject.


I had naan with the tea for breakfast.

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Svante told the doctor that he felt no pain.

After the war, Britain had many colonies.

Under no circumstances will we take part in military actions.


That has nothing to do with it.

I jumped up in surprise.

Dad can blow many smoke rings.

I never liked biology.

Vance doesn't like asking for help.

Are they willing to make peace?

This meal is adequate for two.

I think that Murat is an honest man.

But for his advice, I could not finish it.

I think Honda will come tomorrow.

Please leave immediately.

Do you have a bike?

Who's your favorite drummer?

I rode my bicycle a lot today.

What's the difference between a miniskirt and a microskirt?

We can't stay here long.

Sometimes, smaller is better.

Help yourself to whatever you like.

The main character is a man whose name we do not know.

We don't have any money left.

We've closed the suitcase.

I abstain.

Cary met Nils at a dinner party.


He cries almost every day.

Her surprise was so great that she could not speak.

I thought you had kids.

She warmed herself by the fire.

My grandfather, being hard of hearing, often makes an irrelevant answer.

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This is my room.

They forgot their umbrellas.

Danny was invited to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

As I was struck on the head, I was unconscious for some time.

When will you finish this translation?


I'll help her any way I can.

I have decided to tell him that I like him.

When I finally came home at 1 o'clock at night, my whole body was completely exhausted.


I don't recall saying that.


Bryan has a boat.

You must save him.

Jin wanted to make a mix CD of music for Darci, but all he had were DVD blanks.


He didn't order dinner yet.


The press besieged the minister with questions.


I don't want them to go to jail.

The coach called off the game because many of the players were down with the flu.

I still don't understand women.

Nicolo and Floria were sitting in their usual places.

Graeme didn't get paid.

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You are such a liar.


You shouldn't make too much of the fact.

We must keep the results for Thursday.

They aren't farmers.

Do you know how to write a letter in English?

Vladimir seems to be having trouble breathing.

Excuse me, would you mind passing me the sugar?

Should we cancel?

Margie and Ramneek got into a fight.

Leo giggled girlishly.

It has been getting colder and colder, and I spend much more time in my futon.

I wonder what happened to her.


These exercises will develop the strength of your fingers.

The Spanish word "langosta" can mean either "lobster" or "locust".

Josh is doing significantly better.

The cat is sitting on the chair and looking at the meat that's lying on the kitchen table.

I'm sorry if my words caused you pain.

How soon am I going to die?

Over the last 2 years we watched him change.

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Although the two rival British generals were quarrelsome and foolish, the ordinary soldiers acquitted themselves bravely, even as they rode to their deaths.

Where have you been? Your mom is worried sick.

Shouldn't you be helping him?

Franklin knows something's up.

Try it sometime.

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The birds fly.

The manager controls his men at will.

Terrance puts a lot of sugar and cream in his coffee.

I saw the person I was expecting standing there.

I just thought I could make some money if I sold some of my old things that I didn't want anymore.

Jakob spoke in French.

It's taking too long.

We eat together.

Most schools were designed not to transform society, but to reproduce it.

She went to the back of the line.

That child did nothing but cry all day.


I have a reservation for six-thirty.

This is madness.

The hounds flushed the fox out of its hiding place.

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What is the matter of surprise in it?

Are you going to come visit me?

Louise and Joubert were staring at each other.

I doubled up with a stranger that night.

Oh My God! I left the wallet in my room!

The Russian space probe Luna 3 saw the far side of the moon for the first time in 1959.

When they see Maria, children start to cry and dogs start to bark. What is it about her that has this effect?

My mother has taught me not to waste money.

No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.

Leslie tried to distract the guards so Elric would have a chance to escape.

It is a long road that has no turning.

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The lie is revealed.

Your English is very good.

The adventurer grabbed his Uzi and set out to find the man responsible for stealing 12 million Mexican euros.

You'll buy me a drink someday.

Alexander named her dog Rex.


There is no escape from fate.


I'd rather spend money on something I'd actually wear.

Part knew better than to say such a thing to Dimitry.

It happened that I knew her by sight.

Did you break up with Lori or did he break up with you?

It's later than you think.

I asked Alexis if he wanted something to eat and he said yes.

She was very shy until she graduated.

Barbra is coming here to help us, isn't he?

I did nothing wrong.

Rodney went with Sanjeev to the museum.

I'm still trying to figure that out.

He was treated with great cruelty.

I see nothing wrong with this.

The search for alien life is one of humankind's greatest technological challenges.

Snakes are cold-blooded creatures.

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Did you bring me anything?

Can I get you a beer?

Surprisingly, he did his last job in one-third the time it would take me.

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When can we watch the next part?


Would you like to buy this?

Sanjeev never showed up for his appointment.

You don't stand a chance.


There is not a single mistake in his paper.

Young girls' desire for slim figures is strong.

Nicholas took a sleeping pill, but still couldn't fall asleep.

I hear their marriage is on the rocks and they'll probably file for divorce soon.

Use it with caution.

There's no need to be scared.

Both of my brothers are married.

Well, I think Klaus's right.

He went up to her and they shook hands.

I was Gerard's partner.

Few elephants would volunteer to move to Europe.

It's not that I don't like to have fun, but I don't have time.

Meet you there on Sunday morning. Can't wait for it.


Sometimes, I feel like I can do anything.


Smoking or health, the choice is yours.


That'll change.

Daren's height makes him stand out in a crowd.

I thought you might know.

It is conceivable that he knows the rumor.

Which do you prefer, raisins, prunes or dates?

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Do we have to get off the train at the border?


"Whose teeth are these?" "They are my grandfather's."

You need a friend.

She's away on vacation.

We are brothers.

I can't stop it.

You're just trying to get off the hook by blaming it on Ned.

Take your coat off and make yourself at home.

He worked day and night; otherwise, he wouldn't fulfill his mission.

Harv said we should rehearse more.

Be quiet. If you aren't quiet, you'll be thrown out.

Do Debi and Frank know each other?


I would like to know her name.

I immediately thought of you.

What would you do if you were in Ti's place?


I didn't think that would happen.